The Drinking Culture in Italy You Must Know

Europe was known as the most powerful nation in history. Many remarkable sites are here and they also have a rich culture. One of their remarkable culture that influences other nation is drinking. Italy is a nation that is widely known because of wine. Wine is a very important beverage in Italian cuisine. The foods being ordered are always accompanied by wine. Let us know more about the drinking culture in Italy.

Various kinds of wine became a very important part of the Italian culture and aside from wine, there are also other beverages that Italian people drink. Wine is the most popular beverage in Italy which the world knew for sure.To understand better about the drinking culture of Italy, the infographic is shown above.


If you plan to visit Italy, don’t miss to taste the different wines offered in restaurants especially in fine-dining restaurants. This is traditionally served with dinner on a daily basis. The best is to visit Italy together with your family and enjoy to drink delicious wines with them.


Before having a meal, if you want to enjoy your meal, drink some aperitifs like Campari or Vermouth. These drinks will stimulate your apettite. Together with some friend or special someone, these drinks will be beneficial for you. You can relax, enjoy, and socialize with them.


In order to have a good digestion, have some digestivos. These drinks contain some herbs and spices. It is best to drink some after dinner especially after having a heavy meal. Drinking some of this will not make you drunk. Don’t worry!