Taste Italian Gelato

Dessert is one of the most popular food everywhere. After having some heavy meal, have some dessert. One of the most ordered desserts is ice cream. Ice cream is one of the most favorite dessert of most people especially during summer season. Why? It actually gives a refreshing feeling when the weather is hot. In Italy, ice cream is also very famous. They call it gelato which means ‘frozen’.

What are the different gelato recipes you must not miss to taste? The taste of these gelatos are so delicious that you will surely want to order more. From simple and plain gelato to a flavorful and colorful gelato, everything is prepared for your taste.

Italian Gelato Ice Cream. You will surely love these Italian Gelato Ice Cream! Choose your favorite gelato flavor and enjoy it after having a meal. During summer season, most people eat this dessert in order to refresh themselves.Everywhere in Italy, you can find an ice cream parlor.

Fruit Sorbetto. These ice cream are made with the use of different fruits. You will surely enjoy these dessert with various fruit flavors! If your favorite fruit is kiwi, apple, orange, and cherry, you don’t have to worry because you can taste these fruits when you order these delicious fruit sorbetto.

Choose your favorite sorbetto and gelato! Different flavors are offered such as Fresh Raspberry, Fresh Strawberry, Fresh Mango, Refreshing Lemon, Mint Chocolate Chip, and many more. Just by looking at the picture of these desserts, it will not make you feel dismayed once you order some. It has a sure taste of ice cream perfect for summer!